We’re excited to announce that our new anti-social network app Cloak will be launching next year in 2021!

Why Cloak will be an anti-social network

Cloak will be unlike traditional social media networks for a few different reasons. First, you’ll be anonymous, so nobody will know who you are when you post something. Second, there are no public profiles. Third, you won’t be seeing the life highlight reels of your friends and family. And forth, you won’t be seeing any unwanted selfies and news story links.

Person listening to another talk

Social media companies should listen to what their users want

For any social networking app, it’s important for the company to listen to their user base. What do they want? Would it be valuable for them to have such features? What do they not want? Since we’ve started developing our anti-social network app Cloak, we’ve been listening to what our future users want.

From having the ability to post anonymously, to sharing anything on your mind, and securely messaging people, we’ve been working hard on building the perfect anti-social media app. With more and more people using anonymous social media accounts, we know Cloak will fill a much needed gap in the social networking space. We truly believe that anonymous social media apps will become the future.

Some social media companies listen to what their users want, whereas others don’t. The most recent example of a social network not listening to what their users want would be Twitter.

Twitter fleets new feature like Snapchat stories

Twitter introduces “Fleets”, but do users want it?

This week, Twitter released a new feature called “Fleets”, which are exactly like Snapchat and Instagram stories. Fleets are like disappearing tweets, and appear at the top of a user’s timeline. Upon the launch of this new feature, there have been a lot of tweets from people saying they don’t want another app with stories.

Since Twitter’s beginning, people have wanted the ability to edit their tweets, but Twitter still hasn’t delivered. Some people have speculated as to why Twitter doesn’t allow their users to edit tweets. Maybe one day they’ll roll out this feature.

Coming soon

Cloak app is coming soon

Our Cloak app will be released for iOS and Android in Spring 2021. We’re all super excited to launch our new anti-social network app. Cloak is an anonymous social media app where you can share your thoughts, see what’s being said around you, and send secure messages. Follow us on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram to know when we launch!