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Community Guidelines

Cloak is a safe and supportive community for everyone

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Cloak is a fun and enjoyable place to anonymously share your thoughts and connect with others. It’s also a safe space where you can relax and be yourself. We don’t want anyone ruining this experience for others, which is why we’ve established our Community Guidelines.

Being anonymous is awesome and has many benefits. But at the same time, some people use anonymity to cyberbully others and that’s not okay. We don’t tolerate cyberbullying and we’ll always make sure Cloak is a safe and supportive community for everyone.

If we come across any content or users who violate our Community Guidelines, we’ll take action accordingly. Posts which violate our guidelines will be removed. Accounts which violate our guidelines on multiple occasions will be suspended or permanently banned.

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Our Community Guidelines include:

  • No cyberbullying, harassing, or threatening another person or group of people.
  • No hateful, racially offensive, or ethically offensive content.
  • No revealing any personal information about yourself or another person.
  • No defamatory content.
  • No fraudulent content or impersonating another person.
  • No promoting self harm or encouraging others to harm themselves or other people.
  • No content that is extremely graphic, gruesome, or sadistic.
  • No pornographic material of any kind.
  • No soliciting, advertising, or promoting any goods or services.
  • No spam.
  • No content that could violate laws or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense.
  • No promoting, depicting, or engaging in trade related to firearms, ammunition, or related goods.
  • No copyrighted material that you do not own or have legal permission for.
  • No falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage Cloak Communications LLC or any third party.

Cloak Communications LLC reserves the right to modify the Community Guidelines at any time without notice.