As of December 19th, 2020, we’ve acquired the domain name Going forward, we’ll be using this domain as the primary one for Cloak, our anonymous social media app. Our previous domain was, but it’s now

Why we chose this domain for our Cloak app

As our company, Cloak Communications LLC, was building out Cloak for iOS and Android, we figured using the domain exclusively for our Cloak app would make the most sense since we want people to join our awesome community. Having a separate domain also gives us the flexibility to do something at a later point in time with our domain. As we continue to grow, our other domain will most likely become a site where people can learn all about us as a company.

What exactly is Cloak?

Cloak is our social media app where you can anonymously share your thoughts and connect with others. It’s a place where you can comfortably be yourself and avoid everything you hate about social media. Your posts are anonymous, your profile is private, follower counts don’t exist, and nobody can judge you.

Through our app, you’re able to post and comment anonymously, see nearby posts, join communities, meet new people, and send private messages.

Come be involved in a safe, growing community full of awesome people just like you. Download Cloak today!