Since most people on social media only share the highlights of their life, you’ll never really get to know them. On top of that, people want to share what’s on their mind without getting judged or confronted. Both of these reasons are why we foresee anonymous social media apps becoming massively popular in the years to come.

Friends hanging outside on a beach having fun

You only see what people want you to see

It’s tough to anonymously share what’s on your mind these days without your friends and family eventually seeing what you post. Sometimes we just want to get something off our chest or express ourselves without getting judged or confronted. It’s hard because most social media apps out there don’t want you to remain anonymous. They want your friends, family, and coworkers to publicly know all about you.

That’s okay for some people, but most people only show us their perfect world. They never tell you about the struggles the go through, their anxiety, their depression, or their true inner feelings. This is why someone will create an anonymous social media account for themselves, because they want to share how they’re really feeling. Social media these days is mostly selfies, glamour, happiness, fun vacations, and sharing the best moments of life without ever showing you the other side of their life.

Quitting regular social media made me feel better about myself

Personally, I started quitting that kind of social media when I was in college. Seeing everything my friends and family did, along with seeing the “perfect” lifestyles of celebrities and influencers, started to make me unhappy and ungrateful for what I had. Me using regular social media apps wasn’t a good mix. Multiple times a day, I’d check my social media feeds and subconsciously compare myself and my life to others. Can you relate?

Aside from social media affecting my mental well-being, I eventually started to see no value in apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. They’re not bad apps per se, but they didn’t fit me as a person. They didn’t make me happy and they never showed me the actual lives people were living. I know life isn’t perfect for anyone, so it didn’t make sense to me why most people were only showing the highlights of their lives, whether intentionally or not.

Anonymous man using social media on his phone

Anonymous social media apps will begin to flourish

Over the next decade, I think anonymous social media apps will flourish. People want to see and know what’s real. We can’t connect with someone if we don’t really get to know them. You know what I mean?

Post anonymously with our Cloak app

To help give people a safe outlet where they can truly express themselves, we developed an app called Cloak. It’s kind of like what Yik Yak and other anonymous apps were doing back in the day, but better. Cloak is an anonymous social media app where you can comfortably share your thoughts, see what others are saying, meet new people, and send private messages.

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