Anonymous social media apps like Cloak are becoming popular due to people not wanting to share their real identities. Being anonymous online has both pros and cons, and it’s important to learn about them before using anonymous apps.

Anonymous social media meaning

You might have heard the term “anonymous social media” before, but what exactly does it mean? Well, it’s a subcategory of social media where unidentifiable people post content and engage with others. With every user being anonymous, real identities are cloaked and names are no longer connected to anyone. In other words, nobody knows who’s saying what.

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Anonymity can be good and bad

In today’s world, everything you say can be heard and possibly used against you. Anonymity allows people to safely say anything they want without being judged or confronted. There’s both a good side and bad side to anonymity on social media. The good? You’re able to safely express yourself and share anything you’d like without your friends and family knowing it’s you. The bad? You can say hurtful things to people without any real life consequences. Cyberbullying exists in many forms all over the internet. Even when you’re behind a screen with no real identity, it’s important to be aware of how your words can affect others.

Why anonymous social media is good

Let’s start out with why anonymous social media is good. First off, it allows people to truly express themselves and share what they want. Can this be done on regular social media networks like Snapchat and Facebook? It can, however, not everyone is comfortable with sharing certain things they know their close friends and family will see. By being anonymous, you’re hiding yourself from the people you know in real life.

Everyone has their own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Unfortunately, some people will harass you and threaten you for sharing yours. To prevent real life bullying, confrontation, and judgment, it’s safer and easier for most people to say something when their identity is cloaked. Anonymity can also empower people to speak up about things where they would typically be quiet or embarrassed to do so.

In other situations, people use anonymous social media to be a different version of themselves. In person, someone might be shy and socially awkward. But behind a screen with no real identity, they’re able to confidently be a stronger version of themselves and easily interact with others.

Certain people will use anonymity in order to keep their public reputation. Think about all the celebrities, authors, artists, and politicians out there who are viewed a certain way by the public. Anything they say can easily tarnish their reputation or job, especially if it’s an unpopular opinion. Anonymous social media allows people to safely voice their honest opinions and thoughts without anybody knowing it was them.

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Why anonymous social media is bad

The biggest issue with anonymous social media is cyberbullying. By definition, cyberbullying is “the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously.” Without having a real identity, someone can say something to another person without any consequences.

Cyberbulling includes:

  • Posting mean or hurtful comments about someone which aren’t true
  • Saying racist things or anything offensive towards someone’s religion
  • Encouraging someone to commit suicide or self harm
  • Sharing or threatening to share someone’s personal information or photos

Another issue is catfishing. With anonymous identities making it easy for people to become a different version of themselves, some people act as a completely different person. This is dangerous because catfishing involves creating a fake identity online to lure someone else into a relationship. Unfortunately, just because a person says something about themselves online, doesn’t make it true. MTV’s Catfish show does a good job at showing real life examples of this.

The best anonymous social media app

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of anonymous social media, it’s time we mention which app we think is best. After testing and using many anonymous social media apps, we realized the perfect app didn’t exist, so we created it.

Cloak, our anonymous social media app, is something we built because we weren’t satisfied with everything the other apps had to offer. Some were poorly designed, some didn’t have enough features, and others were either boring or they let trolls and bullies roam free. All in all, we wanted to make an awesome anonymous app that was easy to use, respected everyone’s privacy, had a strong anti-bullying stance, and allowed for easy communication.

Our app has been live since April of 2021 and people all around the world love it! Come join a safe and supportive community full of awesome people just like you. Download Cloak on your iOS or Android device today!