The more and more we access our Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok pages, the more we come across anonymous social media accounts. Being anonymous on social media is a growing trend and there’s good reasons as to why people are doing this.

What is an anonymous social media account?

An anonymous social media account is a user-created account on any social media network where the user doesn’t post or mention any personal information about themselves. These kinds of anonymous accounts never have a profile photo of themselves. Instead, they usually show their favorite celebrity, an animal, or a fictional character.

When you look through the user feed of an anonymous social media account, you’ll never see them upload a selfie. You’ll never see their friends and family members in photos and/or videos they post. You’ll never see them mention their location. By looking at their account, you’ll never know who they are. And this is exactly what they want – to be anonymous.

If you want to be completely anonymous, be sure to download a VPN app. VPN stands for virtual private network and connecting to one would allow you to maintain privacy wherever you go. A VPN masks your current location to keep you fully hidden. This way, nobody will know where you’re located. Not even your internet provider.

Person standing while swiping through their anonymous social media account

Why do people want to be anonymous on social media?

We see anonymous social media accounts following us and also engaging with other pages across different social networks all the time. Some of your friends most likely have an anonymous social media account that they’ve never told you about. Don’t take it personal though, because having an unidentifiable account is becoming a common thing. A growing number of people around the world are choosing to have their identity hidden.

With an anonymous social media account, it’s easier to share how you feel and say what’s on your mind. That’s why people loved Yik Yak back in the day. People are able to do so without getting judged or confronted by their friends and family members. Whether they have secret personal hobbies, interests, opinions, feelings, and/or a different lifestyle, they don’t want people in real life to know. They want to keep their posts, comments, likes, and followed accounts hidden from the real world. In short, they want to be themselves and say whatever is on their mind without any consequences.

Are there anonymous social media apps out there?

Yes, there are anonymous social media apps out there for download. One of the best anonymous social media apps is Cloak. Cloak is perfect for people who want to remain anonymous and engage with others around them and around the world. It’s a safe space where people can share anything they want. People can share their thoughts, feelings, regrets, questions, what you’re up to, and anything else they’re comfortable with.

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What is the Cloak app?

Cloak is a place where you can be yourself and avoid everything you hate about social media. Your posts are anonymous, your profile is private, follower counts don’t exist, and nobody can judge you.

In a world where everything you share is made public to your friends and family, Cloak allows you to safely and comfortably say anything you want without anyone ever knowing it was you. And unlike big social media, Cloak respects your privacy and will never sell your data to third parties.

With more and more people using anonymous social media accounts and turning to apps like Cloak, we believe anonymous social media apps will become the future. Download the Cloak app on your iOS or Android device today!